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IELTS Cardio
Speaking Part Three

You can practice your IELTS Speaking here. This section is for IELTS Speaking Part Three. For other IELTS Skills, go back to the homepage.

Choose any topic to practice and try to speak from 10 to 30 seconds for each question. IELTS Speaking practice should be submitted as a voice recording via LINE to Kru. Jaem, and can be submitted for feedback at any-time.



  • How do you think the education system in your country could be improved?

  • What role do extracurricular activities play in a student's development?

  • Do you believe it's more important to focus on specialized knowledge or have a broad understanding of many subjects?



  • How has technology changed the way people communicate in your country?

  • What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

  • In what ways can technology be used to enhance education?



  • What measures can individuals take to reduce their impact on the environment?

  • How can governments encourage people and businesses to be more environmentally friendly?

  • Do you think technological advancements are helping or harming the environment?



  • How has the nature of work changed in recent years in your country?

  • What are the most important factors people consider when choosing a career?

  • In your opinion, what skills will be most valuable in the future job market?

  • Topic: Health and Lifestyle


Health and lifestyle:

  • What are the main factors contributing to a healthy lifestyle?

  • How can governments promote healthier living in society?

  • Do you think people's attitudes towards health have changed in recent years?


Cultural differences:

  • How do you think globalization has affected cultural diversity?

  • In what ways can people from different cultures better understand and appreciate each other?

  • Do you think it's important for individuals to adapt to the culture of the country they are living in?


Social issues:

  • What role should the government play in addressing social issues, such as poverty or homelessness?

  • How can communities work together to tackle social problems?

  • Do you believe social media has a positive or negative impact on society?


Leisure activities:

  • How have people's leisure activities changed in recent years?

  • What are the benefits of spending time on leisure activities?

  • In your opinion, should leisure time be scheduled or spontaneous?


Family and relationships:

  • How has the concept of family evolved in your country?

  • What challenges do families face in the modern world?

  • In what ways can societies support the well-being of families?


Science and technology:

  • How do you think emerging technologies will shape our daily lives in the future?

  • Should there be limits on scientific research, especially in areas like genetic engineering?

  • How can societies ensure the ethical use of technology?

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