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IELTS Diagram Writing

IELTS Diagram Writing is only for IELTS Academic students. For IELTS Letter Writing (IELTS General), you'll need to click here. You will find downloadable material, a summary, techniques and tips, as well as other important information about this skill below.


Lesson summary:

Episode: Free Class

Tonight's class begins with a Welcome, Orientation, and Introduction to IELTS Diagram Writing (Writing Task 1) for new learners. Please download the "Cheat Sheets for Diagram Writing" using the link below, or click here.

Click the links below for the following files mentioned in class:

Important information:


  • Listening, Reading, and Writing must only be submitted by email to

  • Homework can be submitted via Line only for IELTS Speaking.

  • Students should download the recommended books.

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