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  • The IELTS Speaking test is a face-to-face interview designed to assess your spoken English proficiency. Before watching the Zoom videos, you first need to download the Student Sheets for IELTS Speaking using the button below.

  • These videos were recorded from September 28th to October 26th, 2023. When the Christchurch group completes a new recordings for an entire IELTS skill then those new videos will be uploaded here and the videos below will be deleted.


Episode 1

Introduction and orientation to the IELTS Speaking skill. This video is an orientation to IELTS for new students, and an introduction for all learners to the first skill that we will learn together - IELTS Speaking. This is the same for Academic and General test-takers. 

Episode 2

Today's lesson emphasizes IELTS Speaking Part One, the format and structure of the test, some basic grammar, as well as the MBTI Strategy which is common for this part. The teacher also introduces the technique for this part as well. 

Episode 3

The teacher continues with instruction for the IELTS Speaking Part One section, but provides further information on Subject-Verb Agreement and Pronouns.

Episode 4

This lesson introduces IELTS Speaking Part Two, which is the longest response section in this skill. The teacher suggests a technique for structuring your response and covers some basic grammatical points. 

Episode 5

In this lesson, Kru. Jaem continues with IELTS Speaking with Future tenses, comparative and superlative adjectives, conditional sentences and an introduction to the Push-Pull Theory for brainstorming activities.

Episode 6

In this lesson, Kru. Jaem introduces students to IELTS Speaking Part Three. Students are suggested to use expressions of thought, hedging, and the PERMA technique.

Episode 7

In this lesson, Kru. Jaem concludes the IELTS Speaking module with further information and advice for IELTS Speaking Part Three. Kru. Jaem emphasizes methods of justifying and speculating opinions, indirect speech as well as comparing and contrasting information.

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