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St. Vincent de Paul
Language Center

The St. Vincent de Paul Language Center serves as a hub for linguistic and cultural exchange. Its primary purpose is to facilitate communication and understanding between diverse language groups. The center offers professional translation services, language classes, and cultural workshops to bridge communication gaps, enabling individuals and organizations to connect, learn, and collaborate across linguistic boundaries. Additionally, it aims to promote cultural awareness and inclusivity by fostering an environment where languages and traditions are respected and celebrated.

Student Services

Important Information

By providing support (review and editing) for student assignments, dissertations, projects and student's thesis of English language documents, at a reasonable cost to the student, the college is able to provide responsible education at affordable costs.


Although the review and editing of English documents is not free, we will provide discounts to existing students. Students from The University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Massey University and Unitec will receive a 10% discount on the quoted fee. Overseas students are welcome to submit their documents with us. Please read below for further details.

All documents submitted by the student will be reviewed by professional English teachers at the college who will edit the following:

  • grammatical structures

  • punctuation and spelling

  • sentence structure

  • word use and cohesiveness

  • connective use within structures

  • provide alternative sentence use

Please note that the English teacher will edit the English only, he/she will not add new ideas to the document; but you are welcome to communicate freely with the teacher for advice.

  • Submit your file, of not more than 15MB, using the 'Select File' on the right. Alternatively, email your manuscript to if your file is more than 15MB, or contact us here for further details.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an official receipt from the registrar by email.

  • Editing will take a maximum of 7 days to complete

  • Fee is $0.03 per word for all documents

  • You will receive a 'submission-ready' document.

If you would like to pay by credit card, please inform the registrar in your first email and we will provide you with a link for payment.

The edited document will be sent to you as an email in two formats, PDF and Word.

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