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IELTS Academic Writing Ep. 7

Bar Graph Diagram (Task One: Academic only) .

You will find downloadable material, a summary, techniques and tips, as well as other important information about this skill below.


Lesson summary:

Episode: 7

Today's lesson introduces IELTS Bar Graphs. The homework mentioned in this class can be downloaded here.

Important information:


  • Writing must only be submitted by email with your student ID Number to

  • Students should download the recommended books.

Essential Points

When describing a bar graph in the IELTS Writing Task 1, you'll want to use a variety of grammatical structures to present the information effectively. I have put together some structures you can use:

  1. Introduction:

    • Begin by introducing the bar graph and its main features.

      • Example: "The bar graph illustrates the variations in..."

  2. Overall Trends:

    • Provide an overview of the general trends or patterns depicted in the graph.

      • Example: "Overall, it is evident that there is a clear trend of..."

  3. Comparisons:

    • Highlight any significant comparisons between different categories or groups.

      • Example: "In comparison to Category A, which experienced a slight increase, Category B demonstrated a more substantial growth over the same period."

  4. Describing Individual Bars:

    • Use specific data points to describe individual bars on the graph.

      • Example: "The bar for 2015 shows a marked decrease in comparison to the preceding year, reflecting a decline in..."

  5. Expressing Proportions:

    • Discuss proportions and percentages if relevant to the data.

      • Example: "Approximately 30% of the total respondents preferred option C, making it the most popular choice among the surveyed population."

  6. Language for Change:

    • Utilize vocabulary that describes changes, fluctuations, and trends.

      • Example: "From 2010 to 2015, there was a steady increase in the number of..."

  7. Comparative Language:

    • Use comparative language to highlight differences in magnitude.

      • Example: "The bar representing Group X is notably higher than that of Group Y, indicating a significant difference in..."

  8. Time Expressions:

    • Incorporate a variety of time expressions to show the duration or specific time frames.

      • Example: "Over the course of a decade, there was a gradual decline in the popularity of..."

  9. Language for Stability:

    • If there are periods of stability, describe them using appropriate language.

      • Example: "During the years 2015 to 2018, there was a period of relative stability in the data, with minimal fluctuations in..."

Try this exercise!

Students should complete the IELTS Foundation Study Skills Writing Task One chapter by downloading the file below and then submitting your written response to the teacher by email at with your Student ID Number. There is no deadline - you can complete the activities at anytime during the course.

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