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Lesson summary:

Episode: 5

This lesson continues with IELTS Speaking Part 2, which focuses primarily on giving an extended response. We want to emphasize the following:

  • Introducing the topic

  • Answer each question

  • Describing our experience more

  • Part 2: Long Turn (3-4 minutes): You'll be given a cue card with a specific topic. You have one minute to prepare and make notes before speaking for 1-2 minutes on the topic. After your talk, the examiner might ask a follow-up question.

Remember that you do not need to answer all the sub-questions, but you do need to remain on topic. In other words, do not change the topic.

I like to suggest that students talk about their hopes, dreams, experiences, and past memories whenever there is little to talk about.

Important information:


  • Homework can be submitted via Line only for IELTS Speaking.

  • Listening, Reading, and Writing must only be submitted by email to

  • Students should download the recommended books.

Describe a big city you would like to visit.

You should say:

  • which big city you would like to visit

  • how you would travel there

  • what you would do there

​and explain why you would like to visit this big city.

Example Response

Today I'd like to describe a city that I'd love to visit in the future. I would like to visit Tokyo, Japan, which is a fascinating big city. I would choose to travel there by plane because it's the most convenient way to reach Tokyo from my location. Once in Tokyo, I would explore its rich cultural heritage by visiting historical sites like the Tokyo Imperial Palace and experiencing traditional tea ceremonies. I'd also immerse myself in the vibrant street life of places like Shibuya and Shinjuku, trying local cuisine and shopping for unique souvenirs. Tokyo intrigues me because it seamlessly blends modernity with tradition, and I'm eager to witness this cultural fusion in person.

Finished IELTS Speaking?

If you have finished watching the IELTS Speaking videos, students should download the Study Skills booklet here and then complete pages 54-58. Speaking exercises must be sent to your teacher by Line for feedback.

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