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Unlock Global Opportunities with English Language Proficiency!

Welcome to the gateway of limitless possibilities – mastering the English language. In an interconnected world, English has evolved into the universal language of communication, creating bridges across cultures and opening doors to diverse opportunities.

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Join the Journey: Embark on a journey of linguistic discovery and cultural exploration with NZCHE. Our English language learning resources are tailored for native speakers, offering engaging and interactive materials to enhance your language skills and open doors to a world of opportunities.


Global Communication:

English is the global lingua franca, connecting people from different corners of the world. By becoming proficient in English, you empower yourself to communicate seamlessly with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering understanding and collaboration on a global scale.


Professional Advancement:

In today's competitive job market, employers value candidates with strong English language skills. Whether you're aiming for career growth, international business ventures, or pursuing opportunities abroad, a command of English is often a key differentiator that sets you apart and propels your professional journey.


Academic Excellence:

English proficiency is a fundamental skill for academic success. Mastering English opens the doors to a wealth of knowledge, research, and educational resources. It is the language of instruction in many prestigious universities worldwide, providing access to cutting-edge information and facilitating academic achievement.

Our Course

Course Title: Advanced English Proficiency and Cultural Exploration

Total course fee: $1,990.00 NZD

Course Duration: 12 Weeks


Weeks 1-3: Language Refinement

- Week 1: Grammar Mastery

  - In-depth review and practice of advanced grammar concepts

  - Complex sentence structures and usage

  - Grammar exercises and real-life application


- Week 2: Vocabulary Expansion

  - Advanced vocabulary acquisition and usage

  - Synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions

  - Vocabulary-building activities and discussions


- Week 3: Writing Workshop

  - Advanced writing skills

  - Crafting persuasive essays, critical reviews, and creative pieces

  - Peer review sessions for constructive feedback


Weeks 4-6: Advanced Reading Comprehension

- Week 4: Analytical Reading**

  - Critical analysis of complex texts

  - In-depth discussions on themes, symbolism, and author's intent


- Week 5: Literature Appreciation

  - Exploration of classic and contemporary English literature

  - Book club-style discussions and reflections


- Week 6: Current Affairs Reading

  - Analyzing and discussing news articles, opinion pieces, and editorials

  - Developing critical thinking skills in relation to current events


Weeks 7-9: Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills

- Week 7: Formal Presentations

  - Structuring and delivering formal presentations

  - Q&A sessions and peer evaluations


-Week 8: Debate Skills

  - Constructive debate techniques on contemporary issues

  - Developing argumentation and persuasion skills


- Week 9: Listening and Responding

  - Listening comprehension exercises with diverse accents

  - Responding to audio stimuli and discussions


Weeks 10-12: Cultural Exploration through English

- Week 10: Exploring English-Speaking Cultures

  - Cultural studies focusing on English-speaking countries

  - Guest speakers, documentaries, and cultural projects


- Week 11: Literature and Culture

  - Analyzing how literature reflects and shapes culture

  - Creative projects integrating language and cultural understanding


- Week 12: Culminating Project and Reflection

  - Culminating project integrating all language skills

  - Reflection on personal and cultural growth through the course



- Continuous assessment through class participation, assignments, and quizzes

- Mid-term and final projects evaluating language proficiency and cultural understanding

- Peer assessments for collaborative activities


Additional Resources:

- Online platforms for language practice and cultural immersion

- Guest speakers from different English-speaking backgrounds

- Field trips or virtual experiences related to course themes


This curriculum aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for native English speakers, emphasizing not only advanced language skills but also cultural awareness and critical thinking. Adjustments can be made based on the specific needs and interests of the learners. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Please note that this is a short course, as such it is not an award that leads to a university degree, and so it is not listed on the qualifications framework.

Head Tutor

Jason Turia-Pukenga

With eight years of dedicated experience in English language teaching, I bring a wealth of expertise and passion for linguistic exploration. Armed with a degree in linguistics, my teaching philosophy blends theory with practical application, fostering an environment where language acquisition becomes an immersive and enriching journey. Throughout my career, I've honed the ability to tailor lessons to diverse learning styles, ensuring each student experiences language growth in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. My commitment extends beyond conventional methodologies, incorporating innovative approaches to cultivate not only language proficiency but also a deep appreciation for the nuances of communication.

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