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Support Documents

Academic Support: For Library and Online Journals, Publications and Databases please click here. For other related documents, please go to the following external e-Library Google Drive here. *Note that all assignments must have a cover page, this can be a blank page with only your full name.

If you have not already received the necessary textbooks, please ask your course facilitator for the login details to access your course content and related materials in Google Classroom. External parties have relevant materials that can assist with your learning, such sites can be found by clicking here.

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Where to Start for Exam Study: This helps you to define a strategic entry point for efficient exam preparation, outlining initial steps.


This is an essential read for in-depth research, analyzing existing literature to help your research project.

French Literature

Example of a Study Timetable: Illustrates a structured schedule, optimizing time allocation for various subjects or tasks.


Offers a fundamental, step-by-step guide for tackling academic assignments effectively.


A systematic list ensuring comprehensive coverage of essay elements and structure.

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Provides versatile, proven strategies to enhance learning and retention.


Advises on creating an environment conducive to focus and productivity.

Reviewing Images

Visual technique aiding in organizing and understanding complex information or ideas.

Write a summary

Clarifies and defines terms commonly used in exam questions for precision in responses.

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