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These programmes focus on delivering education while integrating Catholic values, ethics, and teachings into the curriculum. They emphasize moral development, social justice, and the holistic development of individuals.

These programmes may, or may not be, offered through full partnerships with religious institutions overseas. For this reason, licensure should be verified through the provider of the programme and due diligence should be undertaken to verify whether the programme would be accepted in the context of the student's professional circumstances.


Continuing education

Bachelor's Degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): Offers specializations in areas like Catholic elementary education, secondary education, or special education.

  2. Bachelor of Education in English Language Teaching: Focuses on language pedagogy and teaching methodologies with an emphasis on pastoral care in religious settings.

  3. Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Introduces foundational principles in psychology with an emphasis on pastoral care.

  4. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis on pastoral custodianship of religious or charitable organizations.

Master's Degrees:

  1. Master of Education (M.Ed): Provides specialized tracks in pastoral educational leadership, curriculum development, or special education.

  2. Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL/TEFL): Focuses on advanced language teaching methodologies in pastoral settings.

  3. Master of Science in Educational Administration: Focuses on leadership, management, and policy in Catholic education.

  4. Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology: Offers training in counseling theories and therapeutic techniques for Catholic contexts.

Doctorate Degrees:

  1. Doctor of Education (Ed.D): Concentrates on advanced studies in Catholic educational leadership or administration.

  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Catholic Educational Leadership (Ph.D. in Education): Emphasizes research, educational theory, and policy.

  3. Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D): Focuses on advanced clinical psychology and counseling practice for religious settings.

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