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English Language Assessment

Please complete the following Cambridge Pre-test and then click "Submit."
Question 1: Can I park here?
Question 2: What colour will you paint the children's bedroom?
Question 3: I can't understand this email.
Question 4: I'd like two tickets for tomorrow night.
Question 5: Shall we go to the gym now?
Question 6: His eyes were ...... bad that he couldn't read the number plate of the car in front.
Question 7: The company needs to decide ...... and for all what its position is on this point.
Question 8: Don't put your cup on the ...... of the table – someone will knock it off.
Question 9: I'm sorry - I didn't ...... to disturb you.
Question 10: The singer ended the concert ...... her most popular song.
Question 11: Would you mind ...... these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?
Question 12: I was looking forward ...... at the new restaurant, but it was closed.
Question 13: ...... tired Melissa is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to say goodnight to the children.
Question 14: It was only ten days ago ...... she started her new job.
Question 15: The shop didn't have the shoes I wanted, but they've ...... a pair specially for me.
Question 16: Have you got time to discuss your work now or are you ...... to leave?

Congratulations! You have completed the IELTS Pre-test.​ The teacher will recommend a class level for you soon. In the meantime, we have sent you an email - please check your inbox. You can close this window.

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