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Journal of Social Sciences

The process of publishing involves critical thinking and peer review, which can enhance one's own understanding and analytical skills. Published work can enhance one's reputation, academic standing, and career prospects, especially in academic and professional circles. It helps establish connections within the academic community, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. Publishing research preserves and documents knowledge for future generations, contributing to the ongoing progress of human understanding.


Students can publish their research with us for free

Why publish research with us:

Publishing research with us allows for the dissemination of academic work, granting exposure to a wider audience. It offers an opportunity for scholars to share their findings, contribute to their field, and gain recognition for their work.


How research is published:

Research is published quarterly through our service for a fee of $90 NZD for professionals or free for graduate students. The material goes through a peer-review process, both internally and externally, ensuring quality and credibility before publication.


When research is published:

Published research is released on a quarterly basis, allowing for consistent dissemination of academic work throughout the year.


Where research is accessible:

The research is accessible through our service via an online platform, offering a global reach and allowing individuals from various locations to access and benefit from the published materials.


Who can publish with St. Vincent de Paul:

Our service is available to researchers and scholars seeking to share their work. Academics, professionals, and students can submit their research for consideration and potential publication.


What you can do by publishing with us:

By publishing research with us, individuals can increase the visibility of their work, contribute to their academic field, and potentially attract recognition for their findings. Additionally, they can share their knowledge with a broad audience, contributing to the advancement of their discipline while building their professional reputation.

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