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Teaching English

As a Foreign Language Teacher

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Jan to Dec

Start Date: Upon enrolment

Course Code: CTEF3934

Total Duration: 3 months

Method: Online/Blended

Total Course Fee: $450.00 NZD

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Our Short Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) stands out as our most sought-after program for those aspiring to teach English overseas.

This certification, offered entirely online, represents the most comprehensive and thorough TEFL English teaching course within our curriculum.


Tailored for individuals interested in teaching General English, English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC), Conversational English, English Grammar, Academic Writing, and EAP Courses, this foundational course ensures a well-rounded skill set.


The certificate remains does not mention the mode of study, alleviating concerns about securing a teaching placement requiring in-class experience.


Upon completion of any program, we furnish you with a complimentary hard-copy certificate and transcript bearing the college seal, dispatched globally via EMS or DHL at no cost. Additionally, you'll receive an e-Certificate and e-Transcript, enabling swift applications for exciting teaching opportunities abroad.


Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of our students, we offer budget-friendly programs with convenient online access. Engage with video clips showcasing our professors' teaching methods, delve into relevant materials, and receive a complimentary e-book on contemporary teaching methodologies.


It's essential to note that this is a short course, distinct from a university degree, and therefore not featured on the qualifications framework.

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